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Topic created by Mihailo at 25/Oct/2017 17:07


Global group, Management
Dust2 group, Management
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-= General Rules =-

1. Only "English" and "Serbian latin" (or very similar languages and scripts) are allowed anywhere on this page. Usage of any other languages or scripts, will result in warning and if repeated may result in punishment. Since most rules will have English and Serbian version, English version will have priority in the case of ambiguity, thus in those cases, Serbian version should be considered as the translation.

2. Bad manners in any form are forbidden, and depending of severity, it will be either warned or punished. This includes, but is not limited to flaming/cursing, harassing and spamming.

3.Any form of advertisement that is not explicitly allowed by either rules or directly by management will be considered as spamming, and will be handled as such.

4. All topics and content that can be seen as provocative, offensive or degrading by an individual/and or group of people are forbidden. That means that arguing about nationality, politics, religion, sports fan content, pornography of any kind, or anything unlawful or highly immoral will be warned and/or punished if noticed, based on the severity of the case.

5. Abusing of multiple accounts in any form is forbidden, which means that any proven usage of multiple accounts, will in mild cases result in permanent ban on all but one oldest or most used account (administration discretion), while in case of more serious abuses, it will result in permanent ban of all proven multiple accounts, as well as any additional accounts proven later.

6. Since website and forum databases are seperate, we are kindly asking you not to register accounts with nicknames that are already in use on site and/or forum or our other services, since in some cases (especially in case of abuses) we will be forced to change those nicknames, while heavier cases will be punished as well.

Posted at 25/Oct/2017 17:07 , last edit at 25/Oct/2017 18:52

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